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Learn@UW: More Choices for all Instructors

Learn@UW: More than a course website

Since 2003, Learn@UW been home to more than 20,000 course web sites. Nearly all UW-Madison students log into Learn@UW each semester and access course materials, assignments, and grades. Approximately 2,000 instructors each semester manage their course's online presence in Learn@UW.

"Learn@UW" has become synonymous with its underlying platform: Desire2Learn Learning Environment, an industry-leading course management system.

Now, "Learn@UW" is growing to meet the broadening needs and interests of our campus community.

Learn@UW at UW-Madison is expanding to also include a suite of teaching and learning technologies that are available to all instructors and students across all disciplines.

In addition to the familiar Desire2Learn platform, the Learn@UW suite of tools includes:

  • Web Conferencing - Adobe Connect, and soon Blackboard Collaborate
  • iTunes U - Private media delivery for courses
  • ePortfolio - Collect and share evidence of learning
  • Google Apps - Shared communication and collaboration
  • Pilot Projects - Experimental efforts to evaluate emerging technologies

These technologies are available to every instructor in every department, and each tool is supported by DoIT.

Explore this site and discover what Learn@UW can do for you.