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What it is

Top Hat is a student engagement system that allows you to ask questions, take polls, give quizzes, and receive feedback from your students during class. Top Hat is a bring-your-own-device solution, which means that students can use any web-enabled device (laptop, tablets, smartphones) to participate. Top Hat also allows for text messaging to submit answers, so students can use older cell phones as well. Top Hat integrates with the D2L learning management systems so that class rosters and grades can be easily synced.You can also export a grade from Top Hat and import it into Moodle or Canvas.

Demonstration and Training Sessions

Top Hat account representatives visit campus a few times each semester. If you are interested in meeting with Top Hat, email learnuwsupport@doit.wisc.edu.


Top Hat is a cloud-based software-only SRS product, free of charge to instructors. Students are required to purchase a subscription in order to use the product. Purchasing a subscription enables a student to use Top Hat with an unlimited number of active courses (courses occurring during the subscription period).

UW-Madison students receive reduced subscription prices for Top Hat:

  • One semester (4 months) - $16 (This option cannot be upgraded to a year.)
  • One year (12 months) - $20
  • Lifetime (5 years) - $54

Students: When purchasing your subscription, you'll have the opportunity to select the duration of your choice. UW-Madison reduced pricing will be shown during the purchase process.

Getting Started

Instructors can find resources at the Top Hat Success Center. There are specific resources for Creating and Using Questions or Creating and Using Discussions during class. You may also contact Maggie O'Rourke, our Enterprise Account Director, at maggie.orourke@tophat.com or 647-291-2573 for demonstrations.

For instructions on logging on to Top Hat and creating an account, see this document.

Students can find resources at the Top Hat Success Center.

For instructions on logging on to Top Hat, creating an account, and purchasing a subscription, see this document.

Technical Support

Top Hat has direct support at 888.663.5491, email to support@tophat.com, and has a large knowledgebase of support articles.