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What it is

Desire2Learn (D2L) tools are components within Learn@UW that perform different functions, ranging from real-time communication to the online submission of course assignments. As a student, you can use the following D2L tools to enhance your learning experience in a course:

Tool Description
discussions Discussions

The Discussions tool is a collaboration area where you can post, read and reply to messages on different topics, share thoughts about course materials, ask questions to other students and your instructor, share files, or work with peers on assignments and homework. You can also subscribe to a particular discussion forum, topic or thread. A video tutorial is also available on using the Discussions tool.

dropbox Dropbox The Dropbox tool allows you to submit assignments electronically, directly to your professor or TA. This eliminates the need to mail, fax, or email assignments. A video tutorial is available on uploading assignments to the Dropbox.
ePortfolio ePortfolio An ePortfolio is a digital collection of objects that you feel say something about your learning. The ePortfolio allows you to share assignments and grades from your Learn@UW-enabled classes.
IM IM The IM tool is a real-time, text-based messaging tool. You can send messages to other students enrolled in the course or even to your instructors. IM can be used to quickly communicate with other students who are simultaneously online.
profileProfile The Profile tool allows you to tell your instructor and classmates more information about yourself. You can add a picture, share your interests and set goals for your learning.

Getting Started

Not every instructor uses Learn@UW.  Course access and the tools available to you depend on which ones your instructor has activated. For more information, check with your instructor.