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What it is

An ePortfolio is a digital collection of objects that you feel say something about your learning. They often show how you've grown as a learner over time, or they can also be used to show off your best work to other students, instructors and employers. Learn more about ePortfolios under Resources.

ePortfolio Tools

UW-Madison supports two ePortfolio tools, Learn@UW's ePortfolio and Google Sites. Both services allow you to share your ePortfolio or keep it private, post and recieve feedback on your assignments and projects, as well as customize the appearance of your ePortfolio. However, there are some important differences between the two systems:

d2l icon D2L's ePortfolio

The Learn@UW ePortfolio allows you to share materials that you upload, as well as assignments and grades from your Learn@UW-enabled classes. The Learn@UW ePortfolio can be exported to an external website: However, the Learn@UW ePortfolio is not accessible after graduation. Are you…

  • Looking for a way to track your personal learning and growth throughout your college career?
  • Planning to share assignments and grades from your Learn@UW classes?
  • Planning to include comments and feedback from your instructors and/or peers?
  • Using ePortfolios as part of a class?
  • Not planning to make changes to your ePortfolio after graduation?

Learn more about the Learn@UW ePortfolio or see an example.

google sites icon Google Sites

Google Sites can be used to easily create an ePortfolio that utilizes content from other Google products, such as Youtube and Google Docs. Your Google Site can be edited and updated after graduation. Are you...

  • A frequent user of google services, such as YouTube and Picasa?
  • Planning to share files and documents posted on Google Docs?
  • Graduating soon and want an ePortfolio to use after graduation and to show employers?

Learn more about making ePortfolios with Google Sites or see an example.

Getting Started

To activate your UW-Madison Google Sites ePortfolio, log in with your netID and password at googleapps.wisc.edu.

To work with the Learn@UW ePortfolio, login to Learn@UW.