e-Portfolio Resources

Types and Examples of ePortfolios

Portfolios aren't just for artists or architects! An ePortfolio is a way to organize your work and share your accomplishments with parents, teachers, advisors and potential employers.

Personal ePortfolio (Google Sites Example)

A personal ePortfolio is a private space for you to organize your work and reflect on your academic and extracurricular experiences. They can be used for individual class assignments, over the course of your academic career, or even to integrate your extracurricular activities.

Academic ePortfolio (Learn@UW Example)

A personal ePortfolio is a way for you to show parents, teachers and potential empoyers your very best academic work. An academic ePortfolio can include content ranging from essays to video projects, and may also integrate comments from professors and other students. Academic ePortfolios can also be used to show your growth as a student over time.

Professional ePortfolio (Google Sites Example)graduation_photo

A professional ePortfolio can be used to showcase your skills and talents to potential employers. Your portfolio can include your resume, cover letters, list of references, and any projects you want to showcase.

Art/Design ePortfolio

An art/design ePortfolio is ideal for sharing art, design or digital media assignments. Unlike a paper portfolio, an ePortfolio can include video and interactive multimedia projects. Using an ePortfolio, you can share your work with the world!