e-Portfolio Resources

Why ePortfolios?

ePortfolios have many advantages over traditional paper portfolios. They are:

  • Accessible: ePortfolios can be shared with other students, professors, potential employers -- or even kept private.
  • Low Cost: ePortfolios are free to reproduce and share.
  • Easy to Update: ePortfolios can be viewed and edited easily and from anywhere.
  • Flexible: ePortfolios can include multiple types of multimedia, including text, images, audio and video.
  • Interactive: Students can link their ePortfolio to other documents or websites and interact with readers via comments.

ePortfolios for Students

ePortfolios demonstrate valuable skills to employers and instructors, and can also be used as a personal tool to track academic and learning progress. For students, ePortfolios offer the opportunity to:


  • Increase learning and retention
  • Demonstrate professionalism and personal growth
  • Increase their information technology skills
  • Receive academic credit for learning that took place outside the classroom
  • Reflect on their goals and accomplishments over time
  • Make connections between learning experiences
  • Improve writing and communication skills
  • Demonstrate analytic ability

ePortfolios for Faculty

For faculty, the implementation of ePortfolios offers the opportunity to:

  • Increase student motivation
  • Allow for non-traditional assessment
  • Track student progress across multiple courses
  • Improve academic and career advising
  • Manage student deliverables
  • Create mentorship relationships with students

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