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ePortfolios at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (Contains an extensive list of ePortfolio resources)

Educause ePortfolio resources (Large number of articles on ePortfolios)


ePortfolios for Learning (blog) by Helen Barrett

Why Electronic Portfolios? from: Faculty Exemplar: Electronic Portfolios by Michael Day, Northern Illinois University

ePortfolios of the Future from: EduTechnie.com by Jeff VanDrimmelen

Overcoming Obstacles to Authentic ePortfolio Assessment from: Campus Technology by Stephen Acker (2005)

The ePortfolio Portal (a site explaining the concepts and goals behind ePortfolios)

Academic Articles

Zembal-Saul, et. al. (2002) Web-Based Portfolios: A Vehicle for Examining Prospective Elementary Teachers’ Developing Understandings of Teaching Science. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 13(4): 283-302. [online]

University of Georgia Cohort 2 (2007) Reflection, Revision, and Assessment in First-year Composition ePortfolios. I/NCEPR Final Report. [PDF]

Greenburg, G. (2004). The digital convergence: extending the portfolio model. Educause Review, vol. 39, no. 4: 28-37. [online]

van Wesel, M. & Prop, A. (2008). The influence of portfolio media on student perceptions and learning outcomes. Paper presented at Student Mobility and ICT: Can E-LEARNING overcome barriers of Life-Long learning? 19-20 November 2008, Maastricht, The Netherlands [PDF]


Jafari, Ali, and Catherine Kaufman. Handbook of research on ePortfolios. Information Science Reference, 2006. Print.